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Testimonials & Comments


"Colleen Songs received a standing ovation and an encore last night at Celebrate Your Brilliance (May 10)!  She rocked the house and had every women dancing.  Thank you Colleen for sharing your gift, your voice, your songs with the world...you are a rising star!"

K. Klassen, founder of Women Embracing Brilliance

"I was at last week's ewomen dinner (April 19) and was completely moved by you and your performance.  I had goosebumps, and your authenticity and sweet nature was endearing.......... Thank-you again for sharing your gift!"

K.Q., Calgary Alberta Canada

"Colleen is an amazing singer, artist, and entertainer .....an 'Earth Angel'....delightful as an entertainer.  Her CD is simply amazing; not a 'bad' song on it!  One of those cd's you never, ever get tired of.  It would be great for all of Canada to experience such great talent!"

Y. Basten, Alberta Canada

"Colleen’s CD ‘Looking at Love’ is a must listen!  Each song meaningfully selected and performed from her heart.  Colleen’s voice will resonate, and her songs will speak, to anyone and everyone.  If you like the CD, and you will, see her live; you’ll see just how fresh, talented, and vibrant she truly is!"

D. Laarz, Surrey BC Canada

"This is Colleen's music - I needed to share this because it is her music and voice that has been helping me thru these challenging times.  Her voice is that of an... angel, singing beautiful melodies with a country flare.  Please take a listen and maybe you will find comfort in her music, message, and voice as much as I have in these past few weeks!"

KC, Toronto Ontario Canada

Remember... Dreams Never Expire!


Feb 10 2014:  "Hi Colleen.  Thank you for the beautiful gift of your 'Looking at Love' Album.  The first time I listened I cried all the way through - so absolutely beautiful and soulfully moving.  The lyrics and the music are such a gift.  You made today very, very special for me.  I will play the album often.  Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us - you are truly gifted.  Thanks again - I really love the songs.

S. Larson, Calgary AB

Oct 2010:  "Hi Colleen.  Your music is great and you are very talented.  I wish you all the best in your career.  Cheers"

A. Wilkie, BC

Oct 2010:  "Hi Colleen.  I saw that you have a website now and just listened to the promos of your 3 songs.  You have a beautiful voice and I hope you go far with your talent."

L.  Bihun, BC

Dec 2010:  "Dear Colleen, just wanted to write and let you know that I heard the snippets from your cd and they are beautiful.  Your voice is rich and yet airy, almost mystical in nature.  Congratulations on your cd and best wishes for the sales of it and your future.

C. Rynyon, Majestic Kentucky

Jan 2011:  "Hi Colleen, "G" dropped off your CD on Friday and I have to tell you we absolutely love it.  Go get em kiddo!"

J & M Suehwold, Alberta

Apr 2011:  "My dear Colleen, it has been some time and I am touched at receiving your CD. 

I open with this truth - 'Morgan's Angel' is probably the most beautiful song I have ever heard in my life.  It is also you in the raw.  I believe that is the way you should be presented.  People hear it and come and see you and that is exactly what they get.  You as you are and only you can be.

I also believe your future productions should embellish Rodrigo's amazing classical talent - only.  I haven't heard classical played with such passion as when I searched his website!  .........You are sultry and sweet and honest.  You have the most honest voice."

G. Erlund, BC

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